STEMdex is a resource for Education and Public Outreach (EPO) professionals working in the astronomy education community. STEMdex's goal is to improve our community's knowledge and understanding of the educational research papers relevant to our work. This site will host a searchable database of summaries of peer-reviewed education papers, written by astronomy educators and posted for the entire community to use. While we are all aware that we should be basing our E/PO work on a solid research foundation, many people in the community are pressed for time when it comes to staying on top of the educational literature. We aim to reduce that workload for the benefit of the entire community. We will ultimately tackle papers across the whole of the astronomy education spectrum, including formal and informal education, outreach, grades K-16, pedagogy, evaluation, and many other topics. We are keen to hear from anyone In the community who would be interested in joining our review team, and welcome feedback on the STEMdex user experience.

STEMdex is based heavily on its predecessor, SABER, and we are very grateful to the SABER team for their help with ingesting their database into STEMdex. 

This site is currently under development, but please email us at  to sign up for news.


What STEMdex can do for you

STEMdex will be a database of summaries of research papers relevant to astronomy education. It will provide:

  • A searchable database, linking to the papers you need to read before planning your education proposal or developing a new educational product
  • Summaries of those papers, written by astronomy educational professionals
  • The potential for future integration with NASA Wavelength, NASA’s new education resource portal, www.nasawavelength.org


What you can do for STEMdex

To make STEMdex a viable resource, we need input from the community:

  • Volunteer to summarize some research papers
  • Suggest the 'must-read' papers that everyone entering the field should have seen
  • Suggest new papers that have been published and should be summarized by our team
  • Tell us about other resources, similar to STEMdex, and what you love or hate about them
  • Once this website is functional, help us test it!


Contact us

To contact us with questions, volunteer to summarize papers, or to suggest papers that we should include in STEMdex, please email us at .